12 Nov 09

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After chemin de fer and Craps, electronic poker offers you some of the greatest odds in the casino if you play it right. It marries a few of the excitement of a slot machine with some of the excitement of a table game, all without rushing you to gamble. This is why a good many full-time gamblers use video poker as a way of relaxation in between the demands of chemin de fer or a poker game.

For a good many years now, video poker has constantly grown in prominence in the betting houses. While most video poker games can can appear to be slot machines, make little mistake about it – they’re not! Unlike video slots, electronic poker is a blending of fortune AND talent.

The cards are handed out irregularly, just as in actual poker game. The casino’s edge is ascertained by how much it pays for the varying combinations of winning hands. Differing machines have differing payout schedules for the varying poker hands, so be certain to select a slot machine with a beneficial payout schedule.

In order to wager on electronic poker with any chance at succeeding, you need to know the essential basics about betting on five card draw poker, which is above the scope of this material. We’ll presume you understand the essential details of the game and how the varying poker hands are graded.

To wager on an electronic poker game, you simply insert one or more coins (generally up to a limit of 5) and push the "deal" button. 5 cards are assigned to you on the monitor. You choose the ones you want to maintain by pushing the "hold" button underneath each card.

You then hit the "deal" button one more time and you’ll be assigned the number of cards you decided not to keep, to create your finishing, 5 card poker hand. If you end up with a successful combination, you are paid-out depending on the pay out schedule.

It is as clear as that! Many electronic poker games have a payment schedule that is 97 or 98percent.

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